Friday, April 21, 2006

Blowjob Simulator

Okay, okay, I know I have not been keeping up here - so spank me - I will try to do better. It has been a crazy last few weeks with all the new work done at Spankmania Reviews - and I must say, between the work and getting lost in the world of porn, I have been more than a busy girl!

I have decided to do my sex toy review today instead of tomorrow for the simple fact that I will not be here tomorrow. I have a big convention to attend and hopefully many good stories to tell you when I return.

Since I decided to review a blowjob stimulator, I enlisted the help of one of my favorite men, David. I invited him over with the promise that he would experience a new kind of blowjob. Let's just say, he was at my place within half an hour.

The look on his face when I brought out the Jill Kelly vibrating mouth was priceless - but even so, he was up to try it out. One of the first things I noticed about this stimulator was that the mouth section was small and made for a nice fit over David's cock. Some of these stimulators have an opening that is way to large and hard for any real sensation but that is not the case with this one.

Sensing from David's reaction, the Jill Kelly vibrating mouth was working its magic just the way it was supposed to. In fact, we did not even insert the vibrating bullets. They weren't needed and David came to a superior climax with just the stimulator alone.

Of course, seeing that I can be a jealous slut, I had to have my way with David afterwards and see which was truly better - a toy or the real thing. Consensus proved that a real woman can out perform a toy anytime but he did say that for those nights alone, the Jill Kelly vibrating mouth would win out over the self-one-handed maneuver.

At only $43.00, we definitely recommend trying this one out!

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Movie Mania

I love watching porn, especially if a sexy man is there watching all the hot on-screen action with me! Good sex flicks are meant to be enjoyed. They stimulate fantasy and the imagination - and, they are a sure-fire way to heat up any night.

Here are a couple movie picks from me. First on the list is Rush. This film combines a storyline as well as great sexual scenes. It includes an escaped convict, a call girl, cops and hired killers, bullets, explosions and hot sex. If you're looking for a little bit more than just straight on sex scenes, check out this video today.

My second pick was the sex movie of the year for 2000. Walk on the wild and darker side of the erotic with Veronica in Seven Deadly Sins. Lust, envy, anger, greed, gluttony, pride and sloth are all here in four hot packed hours of fun.

And for those of you who would rather watch online, have I got a deal for you. Now you can watch your favorite movies or scenes in pay per view fashion. Check out our theatre link and start watching what you want, when you want.

Happy viewing everyone!

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Porn Star Tabitha

I'm not a big porn star follower but having come across the lovely Tabitha Stern, I'm starting to rethink this unexplored area. Tabitha has just re-launched her site, Tabitha's Toy Box, and I must admit, it is looking pretty damn good.

This sexy blonde knows how to have fun - and that's something I really appreciate in a person. Whether she's getting down and dirty in hardcore sex scenes, taking full on cum-facials or fooling around with other sexy babes, the action Tabitha provides is smoking hot all of the time.

The thing that appeals to me most about Tabitha is her seeming love for creamy facials. Now, this is something that is right up my alley. Like Tabitha, I love it when a man unloads his hot jizz all over my face and into my waiting and open mouth. It has to be the best way to finish off a hot fuck scene - in my book anyway.

And let's not forget that this babe has a body to drool over. She's sexy, uninhibited and always looking for a good time. It's a lethal combination and one that makes her performances and scenes a definite must see.

If you wish to see more of Tabitha, be sure to check out her website, Tabitha's Toy Box - or feel free to read more of our review of Tabitha's site at Spankmania Reviews.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sex Toy Saturday 2

This Saturday, I have a nice little number to tell you about. In fact, I even got to take this little toy on a test drive last night. It's the Colt Multi-speed Power Pak Egg which is the perfect little egg vibrator at an excellent price.

This little baby is only $7.50 and is inexpensive to run, needing only two AA batteries. Like its name states, there are multiple speed options, and the fun to be had using this toy, is endless.

I must say, I enjoyed quite a length of time playing with it on the slower speeds and didn't need to run it at full speed to bring myself to a wonderful climax. Wanting a second opinion on this vibrating egg, I called over a good guy friend of mine, and together we experimented with the Power Pak Egg all night.

The consensus is in - this one is definitely a good pick at the perfect price for trying something new!

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Friday, March 31, 2006

Big Tit Extravaganza

Spring has definitely sprung - and that means that skimpier clothes are on their way in. Yes, once that warmer weather hits, more than just cleavage shots will be in full view. This is probably the only time I wish that I had more to show off in the breast department. Now, don't get me wrong - I love my titties - they're fabulous - but there's something so tantalizing about a large set of knockers that makes me sit up and take notice!

Like many men out there, I'm a huge fan of big boobs - or a big fan of huge boobs - take your pick. I love the way the look when they're spilling out of a tight top or sexy lingerie; and more so, I absolutely love they way they feel. Just squeezing a pair of hefty knockers is pure heaven.

Don't even get me started on what else big tits are good for - especially in the sex area. And you guys understand this well - seeing a large pair of tits being fucked by a hard thick shaft is a sure-fire turn-on.

So, on that note, for today, I leave you with links to a couple of photo galleries plus a couple of links to movie scene captures. Enjoy!

Click here for big tit photo gallery 1
Click here for big tit photo gallery 2
Click here for big tit sex movie gallery 1
Click here for big tit sex movie gallery 2

And for those looking for more big tit babes and all their hardcore antics, be sure to check out Big Naturals - where you'll find huge tits of the all-natural variety. You can also read our review of the Big Naturals site at Spankmania Reviews.

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